Glamour. Why YES.

Maybe it's that I seem to be in my own little depression era... or that I love being saucy, but I have been all about that hollywood glamour look from the depression era into the early 50's. I love a good bias cut dress that trims the waist and flaunts the hips, a fine finger wave, high brows, and deep lips.
 Speaking of the later... my two new favorite makeup items are Benefit's HighBrow, soo perfect for raising up your brow and adding highlight to cheeks and even down ones nose to thin it out, it's a charmer to make things pop basically!  Lips... Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, it's soo rich and stays on forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have also been using rouge d'armani in 401 Maybe when this little "depression" is over I can pick it up in deep ruby. 

 That last one is from the John Galliano SS10 show... Pat McGrath...is an amazing makeup artist! 

 Also Diors SS11 is pretty amazing too! I am not to into nautical themes.. but I do love a good Betty bang.


Cristina Ione said...

love those women/looks!

darlingcoquette said...

I am all about the Old Hollywood Glamour look also. Something about it mixed with my "witchy" side, is just fabulous! So glad to read this post and know that I am not the only one! ;)