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Autumn Feels like Smoke on the Water

Wandering into the woods as the leaves change, the warm comfort of autumn days and cool nights, the fall is nothing short of magic.


New Beginnings of Autumn

Just a little iphone video of our shoot today



     Over the weekend Christopher and I took a small trip around to some local antique stores in the area and this is my little collection of treasures. I found a great hand woven ribbon fringe shawl, I already have a few so this one might make it's way in to the shop. In the middle is a great blue and coral two piece pajama set from the 30's,  it was such a bargain, and just the right size that I could not pass it up I just love soft slinky nick wear, and this one will be great for the coming cool weather of fall.  I picked up a little white and silver handbag that has a dainty little chain, it's just so sweet, this too will most likely make it's way to the store. Lastly I found this great peach silk and lace slip from Bergdorfs.
     I think I made out pretty well for going to antique stores which typically do not have much in the way of clothes.  I am going to try and do posts like this more often, what do ya think?