New Year

This last week has been such a blur! I have been oversleeping, thrifting, and working on new projects. In all my haze Chris has managed to plan a small but amazing new years pot luck at our house! I am super  excited for this as some of my favorite folks are coming up to ring in 2011, Kris, Emily,Ali and maybe even Sam!!! So I have a little bit of cleaning to do and need to hit up the Trader Joe's. But I want to show you all some of the new hand mades I put up in the store. Love you all and Happy New Year!!!


Emily said...

cant wait! we didnt really do any shopping for the potluck since plans were kinda up in the air, and i know kris has a lot of eating restrictions so we weren't sure what to do about that. so sorry we wont be able to bring anything!


Such a wonderful weekend...I'm so happy that we dreamed it up. I'll be daydreaming of our trip to Quabbin for a looong time. XO