Historically Speaking

 Yesterday I was invited to go visit the Quadrangle in Springfield, we toured a few museums the Natural History, Springfield history and one of the fine art buildings. It was a blast. I love the displays of animals, and to make it better there was s small display of Victorian oddities, the light was weird and I couldn't get any good shoots of the hamster with 8 legs or the avian bell jar, sorry. There was soo soo much, which I thought was great for it being in Springfield.  The trip really reminded me that I want to go to the Smithsonian soooo soo bad. I should take a trip down to NYC too and re visit their natural history exhibits, I am sucker for museums.

The History of Springfield Museum is really two floors filled with Indian Motorcycles, Smith& Wesson's and some of the first ever horseless carriages made in the world. There was also some other things there that people of the Springfield area invented(books, toys,makeup), and truly did make me cry.

I wish I could have this benchin my own home

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