May come soon

Over the last week we have had a few 65 degree days and then a few days that I thought the air in my lungs was going to freeze. The few warm days we had really had me missing green grass, I was yearning for spring pretty bad. I can't wait for the rushing rivers and the trees to be in their floral bloom.
 One of the things I am waiting for with great anticipation is the first round of Brimfield! If you do not know what Brimfield is, it's a  huge ( the hugest ) out door antique market. I am also super lucky because it's only about 15 mins away from our house. I hope I get to go every day this year. I found some great shots of the fair online by Angelo Dounoucos  and I tried to find some that I took from last year. I just can't wait! 

Angelo Dounoucos

Angelo Dounoucos

Angelo Dounoucos

Angelo Dounoucos

Emily falling in love with a dress

Me and a creepy doll


josephine said...

love that shot of the lamps especially

Anonymous said...

Wow i miss seein all those people when they came to 1045 Thorndike street! Hey i have never been to Brimfield, maybe this year? I could actually walk there in about an hour....shame on me!

americanshaft said...

hope we get nice weather, too long a winter...
love your photos!