Under Glass

Let me tell you about one of my favorite places to visit in the winter, it's the Lyman conservatory at Smith College. It's room after glass incased room filled with green and wet hot air, there is a rainforest room with giant palms and a cocoa tree, a wetland room with orchids, and an indoor fish pond, a dessert room, a fern room and the gem or gems is the two bulb rooms, right now it wasn't much as they are getting ready for the bulb show in march, wich is not to be missed. There is even a room filled with citrus trees and olive trees, swoon.  I am sure I am missing a few rooms but my whole soul just glazes over with joy when I am there.
  I had this date with the lovely Maura, I had been saving up this pant suite for her for when she got back from one of her many world travels and she had the great idea of going on a date to the Lyman and showing it off.  Maura is so easy on the lens, long legs, long lovely locks of hair and a smile that soothes the soul. I hope I get to work with her soon on some photos, as she is also an esthetician and knows her way around hair and makeup among other things and I just love her style.



stacey margaret said...

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Oh, oh, when will you be posting these gems on your Flickr, love? I want to horde them in my favorites.