My Side of things

 So I have had the house to myself for the last few days which means I get to be art messy, other wise known as having my art projects all over the place.  I went up stairs to get on my cozy clothes and my camera and lights where up there so i thought I would snap a few photos of some of my little areas in the room.

 This is my night stand

This is where I start my days, I call it girl corner

This is the little shadow box above the stereo, it has little family trinkets on it and gifts from friends. 


Kayla said...

what an inspiring environment you get to live in :]


alecia said...

you look gorgeous. ima gonna eat you up!

Cristina Ione said...

sooo beautiful i agree with Kayla, a beautiful magical environment indeed

gillian chadwick said...

aw, this makes me feel like i'm right there! miss you!

Michelle said...

Your room is beautiful! I love the soft colors <3