Little Birds

So I finally took the leap and started tweeting, @the_light_witch   I know I know, old news twitter, I was reluctant for so long, but the truth is, I LOVE IT. So if you want a play by play on my days follow me. You will probably hear about crazy things I find in thirft stores, or what wild animal is lurking in my back yard.

 I have been busy this last week collecting all sorts of new goodies to go into my store. It has been so nice out that it has been hard work getting myself to get out of the lawn chair and into shopping mode. Here are some of the of new threads I will be adding to my shop in the next few days.

P.S. The wild roses are in bloom and the yard is filled with fireflies at night, I LOVE SUMMER


Pretty Things said...

oh what fabulous items and pretty flowers! you look so pretty



Lolo said...

I LOVE your outfit in the first photo.


Amber Blue Bird said...

the dress in the first photo is stellar. Happy twittering!

Moon to Moon said...

Hey, just awarded you a stylish blogger award.
Big Love xxxx Gabi xxxx

Cristina Ione said...