The third dimension

 Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the lovely Kris Hatch invite me to an invite only excursion to the Church of 3D ( it's the first time in years I have been to church on a sunday). Needless to say, it was mind blowing.  Ron was such a good host and gave us such a tour, he has the whole chapel covered with the largest array of 3D viewers, slides, cards, posters, adds...  I have ever seen. He even has a set up for watching 3D movies, and for chairs he had vintage recliners and Eames Chairs... it was perfection! One of my favorite things was all the penny viewers, you put in a nickel and look in to the machine and then the show of 3D begins, Ron even put in a set of naughty ladies in a machine for us, amazing!He let Kris and I hang out in the library of cards and we spent hours going through them, and we even where able to purchase some cards to go home with.  I had the opportunity to ask Ron about his favorite camera for making 3D images and he showed me a digital Fuji... which I will now be saving pennies for.. because I am completely sold.
 There was only one painful part to all this... no photos allowed in the church, but I have some goodies to show you anyway!


KRIS said...

Oh my god, the ones that you went home with are so amazing! I've been feeling tortured all day about the ones that I left behind!! XO

Claire said...

Oh, wow. It took me a second to wrap my head around the church of 3D, but now I get it. Looking at your little slideshow I was expecting to like one of the images more than the rest, but I love them all, thanks for sharing! Your blog it totally lovely.