Waiting on a Snow Cloud

Today I was hoping for snow as the weather report had said there would be some. I woke up early went and had a massage and then went and did some thrifting. I went to some of my favorite haunts and came back with some cute gifts and items for my store. I am trying to buy as little for myself these days.
  Yesterday I was productive too and made by hand a little book out of some old paper and a leather purse Ali gave me for my birthday, I figured new year, new journal.  I also got a package in the mail from Golden Fur Vintage, the most lovely calico dress, I took a few shots of it too. You should see her store, it's just so charming and filled with goodies!
  I am not sure what this weekend will hold but I hope it's as productive as the last few days. I have some sewing to do, hand dying and jewelry making. I will keep you posted.

 This is the little leather bag Ali gave me it was just calling out to me to be a journal so poof...

This is my new super cute dress from Golden Fur  my dried flower broach looks soo perfect with it too.

That's one of my finds for the Light Witch store, it's so old and so soft and warm, I almost don't want to sell it.
 I actually have to admit I did get some things for myself the other day, BOOKS, just a few to go in my magical book nook. We also bought a nice Copy of Flowers of Evil but it's not in the photo because I am currently reading it. 


Emily said...

YESS! iv had that for so long, it used to be terribly long, and it fits you way better then it has ever fit me. in the chest area most notably ;) so happy you like it!

LincolnTaft said...

Just discovered your amazing photos through Emily. I love everything!


Holda Hexen said...

The dress is gorgeous, very wednesday adams meets the sun, but gets a little scared and runs inside.


taylorkitto said...

that dress is perfect on you! every single one of your photos is so whimsical and inspiring.
thanks for spreading the beauty.

the little deer