I am not sure if I have mentioned before how much I utterly adore snow, well I will tell you now. I LOVE SNOW. Today I was in heaven we had one heck of a blizzard over 22 inches so far and the sky outside is still dusting it's magic on us.
 I spent the day sorting vintage goodies for the store, and was meaning to sew and shoot some of it just got totally tied up in playing in the snow. The good news though is I finally have a big enough stash of mens duds, to put up the mens section of my store, think 60's Levi's, button ups, and the like.
 Yesterday was spent thirfting at some of my favorite haunts, I found some super goodies, silk kimonos, and some edwardian style dresses with lace collars just to name some of the things going into the store. I also found Chris this great outfit, it's some place between hunter and professor, which in my view is perfect.  I also picked up this amazing faux fur navy pea coat, there where two in the store and I have to say I might just go get the other one tomorrow for the shop.


josephine said...

looks like bliss

Lonesome Mama said...

I love Snow how it "crunches" under my feets - But in Sweden it's so freakin cold so I'm beginning to get tired as hell of it