New Looks, Ice and Fellini

Well today I revamped the look of things around here, I have been cleaning my house, so I figured I would clean up around here too. I hope you all like, I feel like it's easier on the eyes. I tried to make easy to get around too. Let me know if something is broken or what have you, I would so appreciate it.
  I also spent some good time taking icicles off the side of my house. I have been sticking them in all the house plants to water them.. it looks super silly but so effective. I should try and take some photos of it.   
  For Couch time tonight we watched Fellini's Roma. It was so amazing, such beautiful camera work. The light this man captured... it makes my knees week. I love the crazy hippy scenes and the catholic fashion show, not to mention the brothel scenes. If you have not seen it, do so. The movie is really just a bunch of short stories al tied together by the main character and that's the city of Rome.  I posted a clip of the fashion show, because any still photos just do not do it justice.