Repeat Offenders

 So with my 50th sale looming on the horizon, I wanted to say thanks to all the lovlies that have shopped at LightWitch. I want to say thanks in a more tangible way though. So I had a bright idea.
  I want to see you in your new garb! Put on your  L.W. goodies, do up your hair, and take a snap shot, send it in and I will give you a special coupon code to use on your next purchase in my store.  No contests & no judging, I will post them as I get them and then send you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase with me.

  I posted some other ladies wearing some of my threads so you can get the idea.. although I think you might have already gotten it.. ha! I hope to see you soon.
Make sure you include your etsy name in your email.

   Email : Courtneybrooke.Hall@gmail.com

Gillian's wearing a 20's cape and gown and all decked out for a  night  of haunting on halloween.

It Girl, Rag Doll in a Light Wich Denim Top

Light Witch Floral Romper, WINTER STYLE! 

I had to give Ali this super fittet plum beaded top.. it was basically meant for her

Keep'n her nose warm in a LW scarf

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Emily said...

hey theres me! yay to 50 sales!