Busy little Bee

My dear friends I am sorry to not have posted anything in the last few weeks. I was so sick with bronchitis, It was jus the worst.
Just as my illness started to subside the PA delegation of Witches( Gillian and Kristen representing)  came up the coast to spend some time on the hill side with Chris and I.  I must say it was just what we needed. The ladies and I went out thrifting, took photos, ate yummy food, went hunting for gems, and just had a grand time. It was the best was to get over being sick.
     Finnaly after being sick for a week and bedridden I got around to my store and added 25 plus items. The other fun thing I have been working on is making some new pendants for my store, they are almost done, and I hope to have them up by friday.

Chris has also been busy bringing new technology into our world, he got us a new 3D camera, which I have been shooting with and trying to learn. I think the best way to see the 3D images online though is by making an animated gif. I hope I don't give anyone a seizure with them. If anyone has any better ideas I am all ears. Chris also got us an iPad 2( I have yet to play with it really) but it seems soo cool.

In other news I just had a fun day yesterday taking photos of the super talented Marissa Nadler

I am super excited for 4-20 this year because my girl Misti and I are going 
to see Neil Young!!! 

ok that's about it for now, so much more has happened too, but too much for one post. 

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