Adventures in the valley with Samwise

  So yesterday was funday, sunday and I took a little treck out to my good friend Sam's house. We spent the afternoon sipping cherry cokes, eating french fries and vintage shopping. Sam's unfettered love of all things old is as great as mine and the adventures I have with her is some of my favorite time spent.
 Closing time rolled around so we headed back to Sam's cozy little home, I love her place so much, her house has bright walls covered in amazing art, great old furniture, and the best lamp shades I have ever seen. Ohh and she lives with 8 cats and a rabbit, all her cats are amazingly cute and friendly too, each one is grey and white and fluffy making is hard to tell one from another and yet Sam can tell which one is who with out even blinking, thats true cat love. Sam is going to be opening up her own little Etsy store soon as she has tubs filled with vintage and is just running out of room for it all, so we took some photos of her fine threads and had a blast.
  After the photos had been taken we headed out for a beer and a slice of pizza, over all I would say it was a pretty productive day, and I was glad I had worn a bow tie for the durration of it.

Those are Sam's Glasses and her cat Damien, The blue velvet bow tie is from Retro Genie in northampton, the rest of the outfit was thrifted

I spent today however adding some of those goodies to my store. I have more that I have to take photos of so  this is just a taste of whats to come, and to think tomorrow I have another thrifting date!!

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