House Art Show

This past weekend was a great one! I spent Saturday night out in Northampton. Why?  There was an amazing  house art show happening.  A few friends(Oceana ShawandaRayla ShawandaEric HnatowHaley Morgan) that share a two family turned both of their places into a great art gallery and music performance space. There was a wall of art that was being sold to help out a cute little puppy, Gogo, who broke her leg! Art for puppies is always good. I bought a great feather drawing by the amazing Rayla Shwanda. I will be sure to show you all once I have it in my hands. I even had two prints in the show.  One house had this great band Sylphid playing(the whole night). Dust Savior played in the other house and blew my mind, great singer songwriter, you should totally hear her. There was more music that happened but I am such a chump and can't think of what they were calling them selves, so if you know comment with a link.

 I can't even begin to list all the artists that had work up but I made a little video so you can get the idea.

 My friend George also took some neat photos that night so here are some of his too.

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