On The Set

Today I was on the set of Marissa Nadler's "Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning," video.  With the Director Guy Benoit, and the all talented crew, William Smyth,  Alec Kenneth Redfearn, and Orion Dommisse. We had this amazing home called the Mannor House in Pawtucket to work in, thanks to the wonderful owner Edith.
  Marissa was so kind to ask me to come along and style her video for her and do her makeup. I  was so honored, and of course I said yes, she is so sweet and I had so much fun spending the day and working with her last time. I truly do love this woman!
  I brought with me about a dozen dresses that fit the description on the shoot, and all sorts of odds and ends. Most of the shots ended up being in one amazing old wedding gown I have had for ages, it's this amazing sheer flowing gown with a great empire cut, the sleeves have long since vanished from it and I have had to re-sew the edges a number of times now, but it still has some life and not only did Marissa look damn sexy in it, she loved it too.  We also got to use a dress that's currently for sale in my Light Witch store. I brought it on a whim, and the train on it just worked.  I am so excited to see the finished video. I will let you all know when it's finished and ready for your peepers to peep it. For now though I have some shots I took whilst lingering in the background. XO

I am not going to spoil anything for you but those are some of Marissa from today.
 So I mentioned Edith the owner of the Manor. This is her in her basement, she used to work in retail and ran a Halloween costume shop and although she closed it back in the 70's she keeps quite a bit of around still and was happy to show it off! I so want to spend more time with this woman, she was just so kind, and was wearing some of the best sparkly oversized heart earrings ever!

I even took one of myself.  I had to leave the house early so I didn't get dolled up but I made sure to wear my most cozy sweater and boots. 


Reslosound said...

Beautiful photographs as always, you could've used one of our mics ;-)

Courtney Brooke said...

OOO you make such striking and beautiful mics, I will know for next time. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, your photos are always so striking. Yes, striking. Love them.

See Me Everywhere said...

That is SUCH a fantastic project to be a part of, looks amazing