The Pan Handle

So just last week I got back from an amazing trip to the pan handle in Florida. Chris and I got to fly down to meet up with the wonderful Chris and Connie of the Tall Pines. I had worked with them in the past for other projects and Chris and I just love them, so getting to spend 5 days with them down on the emerald coast was more fun then work, although we did shoot over a 1,000 images and busted our buts in the blazing sun, we had plenty of down time and plenty of rum.
  This was my first time in this part of FL, I had been down to St. Pete when my grandma lived there and I had been to the Miami area, let me tell you they are all so different and this was by far my favorite trip down. The area is so lush with green pines, scrub oak, and my personal favorite spanish moss. We were blessed to get to stay in Chris' family cabin on the bay that his family has owned since the 40's. He had spent allot of time down there and knew all the in's and out's of the place. He was also down there filming footage of his great grandma's bible camp before it gets torn down to make room for more highway, I will let you know when he has it up to watch because the footage I saw is mind blowing and it's a real tear jerker.
   I was sure to eat plenty of seafood while I was down there, and swim in the teal waters as much as I could. It was a real blast and if you ever get a chance, GO, and if you live down there, you are one lucky duck, and I am jealous.
  Here are some shots from our time down there and I even made a silly little video, you can see some footage of the great bar thats with in walking distance from where we stayed, it's called The Red Bar, and they have an amazing hous Jazz band, with John"Jab-o" Starks(Former drummer to James Brown) they also have some amazing crab cakes and the best Key Lime pie. You will get to sample some sweet tunes from the Tall Pines, Chris and Connie blessed us with some back porch late night jams.
 On an amazing karma side note, we even got to meet up with my friend Tim from the UK as he was driving through the area on his holiday to Dollywood, what luck! It was awesome to get to see a friend in the most unlikely of places.

Chris and I in the blue

Chris in his amazing beach garb

Some of the great pine trees

Chris and Connie of the Tall Pines
one of the great locations we got to shoot at

This is a tunnel of scrub oak through the dunes


Emily Rose Theobald said...

lol at chris picking his nose in that video. looks like such a great trip! so jelly of you guys swimming in that blue water. must go to the pan handel sometime!

lavelle said...

Gorgeous photographs xx


I love the beach so much! I can't wait to go to Cape Cod this summer..but the sun really hates my skin!

Lolo said...

Oh man these photos are so good.
I really wish I was on the beach right now.