Rag Girls, Vintage Clothes and a Rain Storm

  Just  as soon as I got home from Florida the other week I went to bed so I could get up nice and early and hit the first day of Brimfield, I am lucky to have it right down the street from me. I met up with Donna from Donnaland to get a work schedule from her,  she and her second in command Molly are such lovely ladies to work for and with, and she pays me in vintage clothes, how can I go wrong.  So I spent a good part of the week at the fair cleaning up clothes or thumbing through old things with various friends.  I went just about every day but Thursday, and I even got to have Emily come up and visit for a long weekend, it was a blast she and Sam even helped out closing up Donnaland on Sunday.  I didn't get the chance to take any photos really of the show, but Emily took some you can visit her site to see more and I posted one here.
Emily took this lovely shot
Me trying on a cute little sun hat
Some of my finds after the first day of hunting

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