Friday Adventures

It was pretty rainy off and on yesterday and I had the hardest time getting dressed as it was sort of cool for a summer day,so I went with one of my favorite skirts that I thrifted some time ago, a little thrifted white tank, a cream silk 20's bed jacket that I picked up in Brimfield, my coat, bag and shoes are all thrifted too, I think the only thing not thrifted is my tights they are from Target. 

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty fun day.  Earlier in the week my friend Nikki who live out east gave me   a call and asked if I wanted to get together and with out a doubt I said yes, when she lived out here we would see each other all the time, and had weekly dates to go roller skating. I miss her a ton, but she has an amazing house with her amazing boyfriend on the other side of the state. Nikki recently opened up her very own Etsy shop called Good Time Island , she brought some of her stuff from her store and we spent part of the afternoon modeling for each other and it was a blast. She finds some super cute dresses, and her prices are so down to earth.

   Later on after Chris got home for work we all headed over to northampton to meet up with Sam as she is going on tour with her friends in Outdates for a week and we wanted to see her before she left. So we all meet up at Haymarket, they easily have one of the best tofu sandwiches in all the valley.  After dinner we headed over to the tunnel bar because it was early enough in the evening that we thought we might get a seat and in fact we did.( I got a martini called a hoodsie cup, and it tasted just like a twist soft serve and it came with a strawberry. What a great dessert.)
   We got distracted as usual walking over there as northampton is filled with the most insane stores, and Nikki wanted to go in, so we did... it was soo cheesy but totally funny.
  It was a pretty great night.

Sam oogling at the crazy stone pendants, "that one is for her"
Chris found some bejeweled glasses. 


Prism Of Threads said...

I think I need those bejeweled glasses! Ohhh wish I could of joined in on this awesome adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

what a great friday! simple adventures are to live for.

Anonymous said...

you so cute!!