Realization Collective

Just the other night was the first meeting of a new group called the Realization Collective. My friend Erin, a hampshire grad, had this idea to put together all her friends in the area, that may or might not know each other, that happen to be creative, all in one place and let them help each other out, inspire each other and have a good time doing that. I think this is a swell idea and made the trek out to the first meeting. Erin lives in an amazing old house just across the street from Smith College, so even the building it's self feels like a great big piece of art.
 It was a blast so many young artists,writers, musicians all in one room. I am looking forward to working on some street performances with them, and learning how to tan and cure fur.
 I spoke with so many great souls that night and will keep you updated on any new projects as they come to fruition.
 I took some shots around the house and some of Erin, she is such an inspiration, she is a rock star on the squeeze box, a shooter of 3D photos, a collector of capes, and a lover of antiques, and an artist after my own heart. You should check out her Tumblr, dekorera, or send some of your accidental video's to her amazing blog. You will be seeing more of her here real soon as we have a photo date real soon.


Emily said...

no way, she lives in that house?!?! lets move in with her, im sure she has enough room. i really like the idea of whats shes doing. wish there could be something like that on long island..


So wonderful; I second Emily's thoughts. What a dreamy home!

BlueTerracotta said...

What a beautiful house! I lived in Northampton for six years, and I was amazed when I first moved there from Maryland and saw those Victorian houses. When it snowed, the town looked like a picture postcard.