Adventures in Antiques

 One of my most favorite things about Brimfield is the vast expanse of antiques as far as the eye can see, and the extreme variety of things you will find there. Some booths are piles of goodies just waiting to be dug through while others have more of a pop up shop feel to them, with their wells well displayed. 
I was lucky enough to have a bit of free time this time around to walk the fields alone with my camera. I thought I would share with you all just a small sample of some of the interesting things I saw along the way.  The photo above this was taken inside a yurt that a vendor has set up that was filled with nothing but silver jewelry. 

 This woman's booth was all kitchen wares, ceramic bowls and old mixers but what caught my eye the most, maybe due to my love of toast, was her collection of old toasters. 

The show is broken down into field sections, and in just about every field you will find an amazing booth filled with old carpets and tapestries. It's almost overwhelming. I am always tempted to grab a tall glass of water and just go relax on all their magical carpets. 

These sashes are from a fraternity called the Odd Fellows, a gentleman, who goes by Harry's Heirlooms,  had a booth filled with their costoumes, sashes and hats, all of them bold, velvet, golden and magical!  If you are in texas he said he would be down in Round Top, you should look for him. 

 Quite a bit of old sinage looms around the fair in many a booth but this Col. Sanders was a true gem. 

 I just loved these shirts this woman was selling in the new england motel field. The shells on them and the bright colors and metallic threads, simply amazing 

My love for lawn flamingos was brought to a new level when I saw these guys they where all cement! This wonderful woman, Susan Sauvageau had them in her section.. I was tempted to bring them all home with me. 

 On the main road there was this great fellow hand crafting leather for people right in his booth, he was working on a great horse bridal when I was walking past. 

         I found quite a few booths around that where selling some amazing vintage, I actually went home with that little romper you can barely see in the right hand side of the photo. I am sure you will see a photo of me in it real soon, In fact I have it on right now.

Here are more of the odd fellos garments. 

If you love creepy dolls you will make lots of friends in this place. 

I wish I had gotten to spend more time in this particular woman's booth, she has a line called Rough and Tumble Vintage and she hand dyes amazing vintage dresses. I was a little over whelmed and wanted to go home with one but I just could not decide between this great velvet one above of a little pink and brown lace shift dress. I will have to go back in Sept. 


AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Oh my goodness, this looks like such a dream place. I would be able to spend hours, no, DAYS wandering through all these wonderful stalls. You're so lucky to get to experience that!

Moon to Moon said...

Wow, I wish they had some where like that in Bristol. I could buy the whole top table!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photographs.


I think that I would have collapsed from over excitement in the Odd Fellows booth. My head feels like it might explode just looking at that stack of velvet tassled sashes. Aaahhh!!!!

Vintage Green said...

The Odd Fellows.........me too!!

Miss M said...

wow, this place is an absolute dream!

+Miss M+

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Oh my goodness, wow! Looks like my kinda heaven.

strawberry freckleface