Never Too Much

The last nine days have been great here in my little corner of the world. It's summer and it's hot. That means it was time for the Brimfield antique market to happen and I worked the whole thing with my favorite ladies over at Donnaland.  We started setting up the friday before the show. You see Donnaland also sets up at the most amazing Sturbridge Vintage and Textile Show, which takes place the Monday before Brimfield. So we had to have a head start if we were going to be ready, and we basicly set up an entire shop in a tent, in under 3 days. 
This was my third time working with the ladies from Donnaland and I had such a blast. Donna the owner is such a sweet and kind hearted woman, and her right hand woman Molly has the best sense of humor around(and some serious singing skills too). Donna's sister Janet even came out to help set up and she is a wealth of vintage knowledge, it was great spending time with all three of them. 
Emily got to come up to help out too so we had a great team of five ladies going on a vintage rampage.
I took some shots of the booth so you could see all our hard work. 
I hope you come and visit for the fall show.. My store, Light Witch, might even have it's own booth in the fashion tent. 

 Heres Molly and Donna cleaning up the textile tent, so many goodies!!!!


Lolo said...

The booth looks great! I can't believe how big it is! I bet it took a while to set up.

Courtney Brooke said...

It is pretty big compared to most other booths at the fair, it took a few days.. so much fun though!