Rainy Sailor

 Today was a cloudy,over cast, cool day. The light coming in the front window through our lace sheers was  simply lovely. I know I don't often post photos of my outfits, even though I always say that I should and will, either way, I am today.
  This is one my favorite dresses, I know the photo is not as clear as it should be( I took it with my phone).
 It's a little vintage dress that is black soft and sheer cotton with a little nautical style colar and bow in the front. The belt is thrifted. I am also wearing my favorite boots, they are Steve Madden, and they are my favorite color of brown, camel.
  I hope to be getting a new camera soon, one that will me take more photos of myself with ease. So maybe for real, in the near future, there will be more outfit posts.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be attending and photographing my friends wedding. They are having a lovely and simple ceremony at the Pines Theater in Look Park. The wedding party will be dressed in black and white, and I can not wait to take photo of all these pretty people in the park.  After wards the reception too will be in the park and I love the idea of cocktails in the garden. I will be sure to share some photos with you all after.  To get myself ready I have been looking at some other wedding photos I took. Here are a few for you to peek at too.

                                      That last one is me working. Trying to be in all places at once.


rose brown. said...

"the last one" is my favorite :)

Lolo said...

Beautiful photos! I hope the shoot goes well.

Sarah Dee said...

lol I'm always saying I'm going to post outfit pics & it never happens! I love your dress & these photos

<3 Sarah