Fourth Of July

Happy 4th of July!  I took some shots of the fireworks in the park, the sky was heavy with smoke and bright with light, it was stunning. We had sat right near this old dead tree and it's branches in the midst of the fireworks looked so magical. 

  Earlier in the week Chris and I went to some of our favorite haunts here in town. I always find so many treasures. Just look at this little corner in this one shop it was jam packed with such lovely dresses, I picked up a lovely dress that I will be sure to take photos of later for you all, it was a white 50's day dress. 

  Look at these amazing log holders for  a fireplace, I wish that I had a fire place to put them in so I could see their eyes light up with fire, what a lovely treasure. I hope these kitties go to a good home. 

We went to the ice cream stand down the street on the way home, it's this amazing little place called Randeau's. They only serve hard ice cream and even have an anti soft serve sign. They have amazing flavors too, I was sort of boring and got coffee heath bar, but Chris got a mudslide. If you're ever in town be sure to check it out, it's certainly summery and yummy.

Before the daylight faded I went out into our yard and picked some wild flowers for our table. There are so many in bloom right now, yarrow, speedwell, catmint, black eyed susan, and more that I am not sure the name of.  As a bonus, I got to eat the first batch of raspberries off the bush.  Sweet sweet summer living. I hope you all had a great weekend. I can't wait to show you all the fun finds I collected. 


Lolo said...

I love the photos from the park! The colours are fantastic. I can't wait for bonfire night over here in the UK.


Amber Blue Bird said...

lovely photos. my raspberries should come in this week, I love snatching the first ones

Sabrieth said...

Lucky... we had a downpour here in Virginia. No fireworks for us. :(

sam chaplin said...