Deep Forest Magic

The hill side on which Chris and I live is one of fields and forest. I adventured the other day deep in to the forest and spent time with the tall oaks and white pines. I flirted with the birds on the berry bushes and washed my feet in the brooke. 
As I was making my way down the path that leads back to our house I was wishing to have a great forest ceremony in the woods.  I went back to the house and collected some treasures and my camera, and then made way back up the hillside to the gateway of the forest. 
I slipped into my new vintage red dress, and my newly created headpiece, it's a silver moon, with a quartz stone at the center to awaken the third eye. I loved watching the red fabric flutter among the tall grass as I walked.

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Lonesome Mama said...

Love these photos Courtney!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

bamaloo said...

Beautiful pictures!