Back to School

Well it's almost that time of year again when the days start to fade early and the breeze feels just a little cooler.  Before we know it we will be jumping in piles of colored leaves and eating apples off the trees.
  It's back to school for many of us and even for those of us that are not headed for the classroom it's a time of change and new outfits.
 I am having a short little sale this week to try and make way for more cool weather threads in my shop.  It's also a chance to grab up something you might of had your eye on because in the next few weeks Light Witch will be on vacation mode quite a bit.  I will be taking a short trip down to NYC and Philly next week and when I get back I will be starting to set up for the fall round of Brimfield. I will still be helping out my friends at Donnaland in the fashion tent near the church, but Light Witch will have it's own little booth in the fashion tent, so I am going to be quit the busy bee. I can not tell you how happy I am to be setting up shop at Brimfield this fall. I hope some of you come and visit me while I am there.

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